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this could be us but you playing

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This Teenage Artist Was Bullied Off Of Tumblr After Making A Webcomic About White Privilege










And sometimes white people get mad at other white people. 

The comic in question no longer lives on her Tumblr page, but you can find a reprint of it (with full credit and her permission) here:

My heart goes out to this young woman, and I hope that she eventually feels comfortable enough to come back to Tumblr, as she’s a smart and gifted artist. 

Her tumblr, if you want to follow it, is

It’s a shame that this happened.  Her comic was perfect and nobody deserves death threats.

I love her comic and its a shame she got bullied off for telling the truth.

that comic was great. jesus white people y’all need some serious humility and love in your life.


White people need to chill.

Doesn’t this just prove her point? 

From her page:

Please do not send me any more messages about how awful it was that I received death threats. I am beyond pissed that everyone has taken my comic about white privilege and the effects of institutionalized discrimination, and has turned it into a rallying cry against online bullying. This was not the point I was trying to make. Stop making me the face of bullying, and do NOT make me the face of “White Allies”. ——————-THERE ARE COMICS AND POSTS LIKE MINE BEING MADE BY PEOPLE OF COLOR ALL OVER THIS WEBSITE, AND THEY DON’T RECEIVE 1/5TH OF THE ATTENTION THAT I HAVE GOTTEN. THE FACT THAT MINE GOT POPULAR SPEAKS VOLUMES TO WHAT EXACTLY WHITE PRIVILEGE IS. I may not have deserved this hatred, but I do NOT deserve ANY praise. I want you all to know that Education is NOT where oppression ends, it’s where it begins. Thank you all for your kind and thoughtful words, but it’s over now. There’s nothing left for me to say.

Reblogging for the last comment.

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these bad ass kids man

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Prince Purple Rain

Yeah that Album was timely as fuck. It allowed freak flags to fly high and still get laid. I don’t think anyone realize how it really created the creative. You could dress strange or have crazy hair or anything. Didn’t matter the race or religion and frankly everyone had religion then. I had some deist things and evolution was a given. Hell his band was named that. Science, religion and fucking was kool. I mean we had the aids scare so you had to have your game on point. But I had that head game. So after a few times of head, they wanted that dick. Or worse they had a friend or relative that did. I thank gene Simmons. I used to stretch my tongue out for hours to get my Simmons pose and I listened to Ace Frehley album to do O.B.A.’s. So I’m tripping the light fantastic and reading the Karma Sutra with science fiction and cia manuals. The worst combo. But yeah. I might listen to it. Just one more time and pour a little out for them homies that didn’t make it

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Personal Top 25 @KillerMikeGTO Songs



What’s happening out there? First of all, Happy Birthday to one of my heroes and just favorite people, Michael Render, better known as Killer Mike. Definitely want to send a huge supporter salute. GTRGBBB! This one took a damn week to construct, man. Killer Mike is such a big influence, that…

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So this is the “New black” thing Pharrell was referring too…I don’t know how to feel about this.

i know how I feel about it.
and pharrell bruh i swear to god.
don’t let me catch you in the streets pharrell.

bruh i swear to god

fuck this aint shit ass nigga. fuckin coon

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everyone who likes coconut water is lying

I agree, that was a mouth-full of oh hell naw

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Human Organs Formed with Wild Plant Arrangements by Camila Carlow

UK-based, Guatemalan-born artist Camila Carlow was not deterred by the complexity of the human body when she was developing her series Eye Heart Spleen. For the project, she transformed a handful of normally grotesque, bloody organs into an array of greenery and beautiful blossoms.

shit all Hannibal

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see see Tone, they wouldn’t work. That shit screams drake

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dis negro i swear

dis negro i swear

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Too many women throw themselves into romance because they’re afraid of being single, then start making compromises and losing their identity. I won’t do that.
Julie Delpy in Before Sunset  (via so-divine)

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